The band played at Amesbury carnival today. Weather was fantastic and we put on a good performance once again..It was a shame our Drum major couldnt make it due to illness and other members too due to other commitments. Rab (piper) stood in as bass drummer and did well.

On Sunday 12th May 13 the band gathered in Salisbury to play in the Old George Mall shopping centre to raise funds to help finance our overseas trips.

It was a great turnout considering we had a Band social night the night before with 21 members of the band on parade.The first performance went well with the weather holding up but it was a little bit drizzly on our 2nd performance.I would like to say a massive thank you to Mary MacDonald ( DM’s Wife ) for standing out in the cold collecting the money for the band and the other partners too for taking the videos etc.

After our performances we headed off to the Harvester at Solstice Park for a much needed light refreshment and a warm up before moving on to the famous Stonehenge for a photo shoot. We were there for a little while and Ben Gunn did fantastically well taking some great photographs (whilst we had a break from the drizzle).

You can find the photographs in our gallery and other pages of the website soon.

On Saturday 16th March 13 a mini band played at the Hythe Mess in Warminster for the Royal Irish Rangers Associations St Patrick's Day celebrations.

It was an early start with the band playing for the arrival of the guests from 10.30 till 11.10. After lunch and a light refreshment we then played a selection of Irish sets and a little bit of Irish dancing by Iona MacDonald which was welcomed with delight, finishing the performance off with their favourite Kilalloe.

We were pleased to be asked to stay after our performance to celebrate the day with them which we gladly accepted and it continued with a Ceilidh band and Irish dancing, the members of the band celebrated in style with a few more refreshments and a little bit of dancing.

A great day had by all.

See photos in the gallery.

Again the band played for the Royal Signals Regiment in Blandford. A great turnout with 18 pipers and drummers on parade with 5 pipers and 2 drummers missing from the ranks due to other commitments.

We  got a really great reception as we marched on with Dawning of the day. The band then played The Gael which seems to be our adopted signature tune.

Then we played Highland Cathedral which was requested by by Brigadier after a conversation with our Bass Drummer George followed by our March Slow Air , Strathspey and Jig set.

We marched off with good old Scotland the Brave to a rapturous applause.

Well done to all who played and look forward to playing for the Signal Regiment again in the future.

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