Albeit late, we had the band's second Burns Supper in its history on Friday night just gone; an intimate but extremely enjoyable affair.

The menu consisted of Vegetable Soup or Cullen Skink, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties and Cranachan. For a chef who had never made such a delicacy as Cullen Skink, what a culinary success; the month's preparation and practice paid off! There was no questioning the hotel's professional service and the standard of food was exquisite. The Pipe Major adorned every table with his homemade Athollbrose. Needless to say it was enjoyed by everyone.

After much persuasion, several friends of the band stepped in to do the Toast to the Lassies, Reply from the Lassies and the Immortal Memory. The Immortal Memory was a huge success in that it took such an innovative stance in comparison to many which you hear and thus many people learnt many new interesting facts. One of our learners, Rab, gave us a rendition of Scots Wha Hae, broadsword and all. Very entertaining. A big well done to all our speakers for stepping up to the mark!

Thanks to everyone who came for making it a very enjoyable and successful evening! Here's to the next one!

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